Momence Fire Protection District


The Momence Fire Protection District is a volunteer, paid-on-call department serving the rural community of Momence, Illinois. Our roughly thirty members hold various fire, rescue, and emergency medical qualifications and work in numerous full-time careers. With our diverse base of members, we at the Momence Fire Protection District strive to provide the absolute highest quality of fire and rescue services possible.

The Momence Fire Protection District covers 92 square miles of land and 16 miles of the Kankakee River, making it one of the largest fire protection districts in the state of Illinois.

Quick Facts

Department Leadership:

Chief James Spoon

Asst. Chief Monty Buchanan

Number of Members:

36 Paid-on-Call Members

Population Served:


Coverage Area:

92 Square Miles


Contact Information

15 N. Pine Street

Momence, IL 60954

(815) 472-4525

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